GitHub releases ATOM editor for coders

This is pretty interesting since I’ve been thinking pretty hard about the tools that my team makes use of. It’s currently a closed beta for Mac OS users, so … if you’re not using a Mac right now, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. My team seems to love the SublimeText editor, I’m a Visual Studio and JetBrains tool kinda guy.

Check it out.


I found the article on TheNextWeb here:!xDO3a


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Hands on with the Nokia X

Check out this video on the Nokia X

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Nokia now does Android with the Nokia X, X+ and XL

Today at the Mobile World Congress #MWC – Nokia announced several new phones … notably … none of them were Windows Phones.

I gotta wonder what Microsoft is *really* thinking about this, though I think it’s a brilliant strategy. Nokia is able to innovate and quickly make changes to the interface and services available on the phone, while getting access to the wide portfolio of Android Applications available in the app store.


For the last couple of year, many critics and tech pundits have been saying that Nokia should have “gone Android” a long time ago. Now we get a chance to see if and how this strategy works. I’m most interested if it’s about the applications, services, cost, interface, etc.

It’ll also be pretty interesting to see how Microsoft *fully* responds to this when the do in fact take full control of the company’s mobile division.

IMO, it would be a mistake for them to kill off this phone and the potential to explore of this configuration and what it represents i.e. a true bet on Online Services. With this phone, the Windows brand and codebase is no longer king — it’s all about the services.

Though, unlike Google, Microsoft isn’t really a search company. By this I mean can Microsoft turn the data that they get from people using their services in real revenue or get users to stick with their other product eco-systems e.g. Office, XBox, Skype, etc.


Here’s a couple of other things that I’m thinking about the introduction of these phones:

  1. Will this sell more Windows phones?
  2. Will this ease folks in to the Windows Metro / Modern UI interface?
  3. If successful, will this interface affect the development of the Windows / Windows Phone interface?
  4. Will this device succeed in the US Market?

Interesting times and an interesting and bold move by Nokia in the face of the Microsoft acquisition. Your move Microsoft … let’s see if you really care about online service.

Thoughts anyone?

Here are some useful links: (in Spanish)

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Jason Fried: Working @ 37 Signals

I don’t mean to inundate my readers with a bunch of videos, but we’re at that point in at Caribbean Ideas and I’m also at that place personally thinking about office productivity and the way that my team (CI and Refactor [my own company]) and the people around me work.

One of team members at Caribbean Ideas is a BIG fan of Ruby on Rails and (I’m just realizing) conversely 37 Signals. So I’ve been doing some research on the Company and how they work and the philosophy that led to their current successes and their popular development framework.

Here’s another great video on how 37 Signals work (Warning: Jason drops a couple F-Bombs in this video)


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Yet another great post from David Heinemeier Hanson

Thought that this was also super interesting.


As an avid Microsoft follower, I think that many of these open-source guys have and/or propagate an incorrect perception of the advancements and innovations that are happening on the Microsoft side, not just because of business, but because they have smart, talented, driven engineers as well.

There are many open source projects currently running and created by the folks at MS, but I digress.

The meat of this video is really awesome.


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David Heinemeier Hansson on Working Remotely

Interesting position (and experience) on Working Remotely – Is this also a potential for our traffic / poor public transportation situation here in Trinidad and finding really fantastic talent?

Couple of great quotes

The modern office of today is an interruption factory

My work day is not a work day, it’s a series of work moments.


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5 reasons you’ll remain a “wantrepreneur”

Okay, sharing this one cause I’ve been right here at one point myself. Just came across this interesting article on


Here are 3 of their 5 points

  1. Worrying about Ideas
  2. Worrying about Capital
  3. Procrastination

There are much deeper explanations in the post that is very much worth reading, so I urge your to take a quick browse through.



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