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But first let me take a selfie .COM

Every weekend I spend some time working on some personal projects. Yesterday, I grabbed a couple of domains and Just did it on a whim and today, we decided to build a simple application on the domain, The

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OData in ASP.NET is a beautiful thing

This week I came to appreciate ASP.NET that much more. Hear me out for a bit. I was explaining the requirements of some Web API development that I needed done to a junior developer. That day I had literally thrown

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Which Azure Service to use? WebRole, Website or VM

I came across this little piece of information this morning and thought that I’d share it with the development community. I really started using Azure after Microsoft did some updates in mid 2012 and release their “Azure Website” service that

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Windows Azure Mobile Services

Seems that the development teams at Microsoft keep on cranking out new and awesome features on their platforms. Here ‘The Gu’ himself (Scott Guthrie) does a quick demo of Windows Azure Mobile Services, a new azure service that allows us

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Google Drive on the Desktop is rolling out

Turned on my laptop this evening to see this bad boy sitting in my inbox! I checked my Android tablet yesterday and the application seems to be running fine. Time to whip out the devices and check out the user

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Here is some interesting tech I have been looking into …

I know for the last couple of weeks I’ve pushed out at least one post a day fairly consistently. Needless to say, that took some effort. This week I’m slowing it down a bit on the blog posts. I’ve said

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The BOX API – Free storage on a tight budget?

Couple of posts ago, I wrote about finally getting my RIM development environment to work and suggested that I’d build and host a VM containing some of the tools necessary to get started with Blackberry development. Well, the VM ended up

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