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Great JS Charting Library

Sharing some great finds. Was working on a couple of projects that needed some great support in the interactive charting department … wasn’t easy to find something that was of really high quality, very functional and inexpensive. Check out the

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But first let me take a selfie .COM

Every weekend I spend some time working on some personal projects. Yesterday, I grabbed a couple of domains and Just did it on a whim and today, we decided to build a simple application on the domain, The

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GitHub releases ATOM editor for coders

This is pretty interesting since I’ve been thinking pretty hard about the tools that my team makes use of. It’s currently a closed beta for Mac OS users, so … if you’re not using a Mac right now, you’re going

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Yet another great post from David Heinemeier Hanson

Thought that this was also super interesting.   As an avid Microsoft follower, I think that many of these open-source guys have and/or propagate an incorrect perception of the advancements and innovations that are happening on the Microsoft side, not

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