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Great Tech Interviews on DRT

In an attempt to start blogging more — My buddy Krs Joseph (@nerdtt), shared this resource with me. I found that this site has some really awesome technical interviews.   Cheers, My new mantra — “Stop Stickin’, Ship it!”

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Yet another great post from David Heinemeier Hanson

Thought that this was also super interesting.   As an avid Microsoft follower, I think that many of these open-source guys have and/or propagate an incorrect perception of the advancements and innovations that are happening on the Microsoft side, not

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Penny Pinching in the Cloud: When do Azure Websites make sense? – Scott Hanselman I shared this on my Twitter account a couple of minutes ago, but I think it deserves a quick post. I’ve really been thinking about hosting lately and think ing about technology stacks that you commit to and what

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Keeping it exciting at your Company

Hey everyone, I was sitting on this one for quite a while in draft. I even forgot that I had it sitting in my drafts folder until I was thinking about some stuff that we’re doing at CI. So here

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Growth Hacking

This term has been bandied about for quite a bit and can be a topic of quite a bit of discussion. Caribbean it fellows should pay attention to this term if you haven’t already.   This is one of those

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Getting an early Start to TC Disrupt today

The conference this far has been amazing. Really happy to have made the effort to come here. I recommend both the Hackaton and the Conference to anyone back at home in Trinidad or from the regions to participate if future

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Attending the NY Tech Day 2013 Conference

Having just put on the CDX conference back at home in Trinidad, coming to this conference is just the thing that I needed. NY Tech Day certainly put things in perspective for me. CDX2.0 was a great event, lots of

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