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Facebook F8 Developer Conference

Like it or not, Facebook is one of the major/integral platforms of the web as we know it today. I’m a bit late on this, but the F8 conference is something that all developers should pay attention to. Here is

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Some advice from Guy Kawasaki

Top 3 pieces of advice to entrepreneurs from Guy Kawasaki speaking at LE WEB from December 2013 Best things that you can do to start with as an entrepreneur is to Build a Prototype Global entrepreneur should want to create

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Elevate NYC 2013 Keynote

This came up as a suggestion in my YouTube stream. Watched it, thought that it was really insightful for marketing your events and how you market your business on new social platforms. “Storytelling on the platforms that matter” (not sure

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Attending the NY Tech Day 2013 Conference

Having just put on the CDX conference back at home in Trinidad, coming to this conference is just the thing that I needed. NY Tech Day certainly put things in perspective for me. CDX2.0 was a great event, lots of

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Ever wanted to *quickly* test some JS, CSS or HTML

I found myself wanting to very quickly test the effects of some CSS / HTML / JavaScript without having to throw up a whole new project and have it run in a web host and then debug the HTML, JavaScript

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Chatting with Vic Singh, CEO Tracks – MobiWorld Presenter

By now you all know that Caribbean Ideas is putting on a Mobile focused conference that’s got an awesome lineup of speakers. You also know that I’ve got a special place in my heart for the developers and some I’m

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Here is some interesting tech I have been looking into …

I know for the last couple of weeks I’ve pushed out at least one post a day fairly consistently. Needless to say, that took some effort. This week I’m slowing it down a bit on the blog posts. I’ve said

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