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Great Tech Interviews on DRT

In an attempt to start blogging more — My buddy Krs Joseph (@nerdtt), shared this resource with me. I found that this site has some really awesome technical interviews.   Cheers, My new mantra — “Stop Stickin’, Ship it!”

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Jason Fried: Working @ 37 Signals

I don’t mean to inundate my readers with a bunch of videos, but we’re at that point in at Caribbean Ideas and I’m also at that place personally thinking about office productivity and the way that my team (CI and

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Learn JavaScript playing this RPG

I came across this super useful website in an blog post on CNet this morning and had to share. I played the game for about 5 minutes and I can absolutely confirm that it’s an awesome tutorial. Here are the

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25 hottest skills of 2013 – according to LinkedIn

Doing quite a bit of research into ramping up my team to be the best software engineering team in the entire Caribbean and there are quite a number of interesting facts and tidbits that I’m coming across. Here’s one that

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Satya Nadella at Le Web Dec 2013

Very interesting discussion with *now Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on the future of Microsoft. Being a avid Microsoft follower and being that he was just appointed the new CEO, it’s a really interesting peek into the mind of the new

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Putting “LEAN” to the test

The CEO of Caribbean Ideas popped into the ‘dev room’ this Friday and asked for feedback on CI’s incubation Fridays. Since Jan 2 2014, we’ve decided to implement something that we’d been talking about for quite some time, i.e. dedicate

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Attending the NY Tech Day 2013 Conference

Having just put on the CDX conference back at home in Trinidad, coming to this conference is just the thing that I needed. NY Tech Day certainly put things in perspective for me. CDX2.0 was a great event, lots of

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