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Great JS Charting Library

Sharing some great finds. Was working on a couple of projects that needed some great support in the interactive charting department … wasn’t easy to find something that was of really high quality, very functional and inexpensive. Check out the

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Jason Fried: Working @ 37 Signals

I don’t mean to inundate my readers with a bunch of videos, but we’re at that point in at Caribbean Ideas and I’m also at that place personally thinking about office productivity and the way that my team (CI and

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Yet another great post from David Heinemeier Hanson

Thought that this was also super interesting.   As an avid Microsoft follower, I think that many of these open-source guys have and/or propagate an incorrect perception of the advancements and innovations that are happening on the Microsoft side, not

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David Heinemeier Hansson on Working Remotely

Interesting position (and experience) on Working Remotely – Is this also a potential for our traffic / poor public transportation situation here in Trinidad and finding really fantastic talent? Couple of great quotes The modern office of today is an

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Methods to address Traffic in T&T

We have a chronic traffic congestion problem here in our small twin island state of Tirinidad and Tobago. For quite some time, I’ve been blabbing my gums, complaining to myself and those around who would listen that one method that

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Seth Godin: Thinking Backwards

Interesting 20 minute talk from Seth Godin:

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Learn JavaScript playing this RPG

I came across this super useful website in an blog post on CNet this morning and had to share. I played the game for about 5 minutes and I can absolutely confirm that it’s an awesome tutorial. Here are the

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