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But first let me take a selfie .COM

Every weekend I spend some time working on some personal projects. Yesterday, I grabbed a couple of domains and Just did it on a whim and today, we decided to build a simple application on the domain, The

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Jason Fried: Working @ 37 Signals

I don’t mean to inundate my readers with a bunch of videos, but we’re at that point in at Caribbean Ideas and I’m also at that place personally thinking about office productivity and the way that my team (CI and

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Python in VisualStudio 2013

For a very long time, I’ve been completely satisfied coding on the .NET framework using the C# language. As a CTO, I really shouldn’t be doing that much coding, but heck – I work at a startup and we’re small

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Sprint 1 –

  Taking a break from my ‘dive’ into PHP (*grunt*), this weekend I spent some time on the project which I blogged about last Wednesday. The project is called "Obzrvr". It’s an idea I had to start tracking & potentially

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Putting “LEAN” to the test

The CEO of Caribbean Ideas popped into the ‘dev room’ this Friday and asked for feedback on CI’s incubation Fridays. Since Jan 2 2014, we’ve decided to implement something that we’d been talking about for quite some time, i.e. dedicate

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Keeping it exciting at your Company

Hey everyone, I was sitting on this one for quite a while in draft. I even forgot that I had it sitting in my drafts folder until I was thinking about some stuff that we’re doing at CI. So here

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CDX MobiWorld – TT Developers, invest in mobile!

Those of you that know me personally know that I have a passion for the development of the Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and its people. I’ve always been very deliberate in my choice of companies that I work and

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