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Great JS Charting Library

Sharing some great finds. Was working on a couple of projects that needed some great support in the interactive charting department … wasn’t easy to find something that was of really high quality, very functional and inexpensive. Check out the

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Thinking about Non-Windows Technology Stacks

[Yet another post that has been in my drafts forever! I’m clearin’ em out] Couple of things have happened in 2013 that have really got me thinking about technology and technology stacks / technology eco-systems. For the lion’s share of

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Engadget: Google Web Designer launches in beta, available now as a free download

Engadget: Google Web Designer launches in beta, available now as a free download.

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Penny Pinching in the Cloud: When do Azure Websites make sense? – Scott Hanselman I shared this on my Twitter account a couple of minutes ago, but I think it deserves a quick post. I’ve really been thinking about hosting lately and think ing about technology stacks that you commit to and what

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Growth Hacking

This term has been bandied about for quite a bit and can be a topic of quite a bit of discussion. Caribbean it fellows should pay attention to this term if you haven’t already.   This is one of those

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Ever wanted to *quickly* test some JS, CSS or HTML

I found myself wanting to very quickly test the effects of some CSS / HTML / JavaScript without having to throw up a whole new project and have it run in a web host and then debug the HTML, JavaScript

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PhoneGap is coming to Trinidad for MobiWorld

The Caribbean Ideas team has been hard at work planning and organizing the logistics around our MobiWorld conference. It’s shaping up to be a really awesome event for both developer and business folk. You all should know by now that

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