Like many software engineers my age, I cut my teeth as a kid having fun coding games and anything else that my active 8 year old imagination could conjure up or at the very least implement with the BASIC Programming language in the wee hours of the morning on my TRS-80 Color Computer. Technology has come a long way since then, but the fire that was ignited then has led us all into various corners of the IT industry.

Very quick professional history: I have worked at 4 start-ups for the past 14 years (as of this writing Feb. 2011) traversing the software engineering landscape as a developer, software architect and development group manager and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

I find myself at a point in my career and personal development where I am haunted by the question, “What is the point of it all?” I own 2 Laptops, 3 Desktops, 4 smart phones, digital cameras, personal video recorders and a host of other gadgets. I would use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and many other services in which I use but a small fraction of each application’s feature set … but to what end? How is it making my life better? Are my personal relationships with friends and family improved by the use of technology? Are my professional relationships more fruitful? Are these online application and services or personal gadgets and any conceivable combination of mashups between them making me more productive?

The truth is that I believe they are, but if I am more deliberate about it, they can be even more so. One of the results of my musings was that I should being sharing these thoughts with people of like mind and possibly locale where we can discuss matters that affect us in the Caribbean as we begin to truly understand our place in new connected world.

So, welcome to my blog, where I plan to share my thoughts, research, knowledge, efforts, personal projects etc. I hope we can learn from each other.


Cordell Lawrence


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