Showing Krs some .NET

This more “show” than substance. My Padawan Learner Krs Joseph came to do some whiteboarding and coding this week at my home office. Here is a little video of some work that we did on a project.

Since KRs Krs did such a great job on this video, so we’ll be doing some more, focusing more on the content of the exercises.

It’s always funny when I do stuff like this since usually lots of folks in the developer community don’t seem to give a lot of respect to the Microsoft Development Stack or development tools … so I always joke around with my friends about beating them at coding challenges using .NET Smile – One funny like that proves this point is this … Krs dropped this one on me after the 20 minutes of coding here.

“When I see you do stuff in .NET, I wonder about what I’m doing with my life".

Funny! – but if you know any number of tools and technology stacks, you can totally rock out on your coding projects! – So no matter what stack you’re on, I suggest that you get really good at it and you’ll be coding like a ‘boss in no time.


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