Hold on, Surface is less than a MacBook Air?

[Wrote this a long time ago … saw it hanging around in my drafts, so I’ll publish it just to close it off]

Here follows my thoughts at the time:


I’m currently in the market for a new tablet. My Asus Transformer was a interesting device, had a lot of promise, but I never felt like it really delivered what I wanted it to do. Even after giving it some life by installing a custom ROM that allowed me to run Jelly bean on the device, it really just didn’t deliver.

I’ve been keeping my eyes on the various Windows 8 devices being released / announced by the various OEMs such as Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Dell and of course Microsoft. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen some pretty interesting offerings from all vendors. A couple of them really got my attention, namely

  1. Dell Venue 8 Pro
  2. Microsoft Surface 2
  3. Microsoft Surface Pro 2
Here is an quick look at that device: http://techcrunch.com/2013/10/03/dell-may-have-a-winner-with-its-windows-powered-venue-8-pro/I really like the 8″ Dell Venue 8 Pro. The thing has fantastic size, battery life, (what looks to be a fantastic) CPU and a really good price of $299 US. This device is supposed to be running a Quad Core Intel Atom processor, so that pretty much means that it can run full Windows 8. Obviously this machine is meant to do too much heavy lifting. It’s not like I’m going to fire up visual Studio and start cranking out code on this 8″ machine, but … I probably could if I had to in a crunch, so that a big plus, but the Jury is still out on the CPU for this device. Atom has been a pretty big disappointment over the last couple of iterations, both in terms of their performance and the promise of low power consumption, but, with the new Intel architectures and manufacturing processes, I’m anxious to see when this baby can do.
Alternatively, I’m interested in the Surface 2 device, yeah you heard me correctly … the one that runs Windows 8.1 RT. Just like the Asus Transformer, for which I paid $US 711.00 in total, this device promises to satisfy that space between a pure tablet with some of the utility of a laptop. I think with a couple of things on this device I should be comfortable doing my non-development work i.e. Email, Office, Skype


I’ve since purchased a Surface 2 and I really can’t complain at all. The device fits my need perfectly … more on that in another post.


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