Putting “LEAN” to the test

The CEO of Caribbean Ideas popped into the ‘dev room’ this Friday and asked for feedback on CI’s incubation Fridays. Since Jan 2 2014, we’ve decided to implement something that we’d been talking about for quite some time, i.e. dedicate incubation time for CI projects.

This is more difficult to execute that it sounds. With paying client work ever looming, it’s pretty easy to say “You know what, client X is paying for project Y to get done … this stuff doesn’t pay the bills” – That of course is a simplification of the issue, however it a very real consideration.

Back to the key point – so the CEO pops into the developer room and asks for feedback on the Incubation days thus far – Here is some of the feedback:

Just as some context, I generally ask / push the team to get / see visible value delivered at the end of the day on Friday.

[No name have been mentioned team if you reading this Winking smile ]

  1. Difficult deliver value in the given time frame
  2. Feels like we’re throwing away code over time in the rush to deliver value
  3. Need to learn our tools better
  4. Need to have clear requirements and expectations
  5. Lag between working on the project [Fridays] makes it difficult to restart
  6. Need to learn to work as a team better

These are just some of the comments that I can remember.

Just for some insight, we’re building the application using

  1. PHP & CodeIgniter Framework
  2. Sublime Text Editor (seems to be the preferred *Editor)
  3. BitBucket & GIT for source control

Not a very sophisticated Development Environment. But that’s not the point –

The point of this post is that given this feedback, I thought it was be interesting to undertake a project of my own – applying limited time and some “Lean” thinking to a personal project to basically dog food the demands that I’m placing on my team.

So I have a project called OBZRVR that I’ve been sitting on for a while. Over the next 2 – 3 weeks, my goal will be to define, build, test and deploy this project myself. The project will be defined.

Details on the project will be coming shortly. Look out for updates.



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