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I’ve not posted in quite a while. I do have several blog posts queued up in draft mode, but since I was playing around with features that I’ve not yet explored in Windows 8, I think I’ll do some quick posts today using WIN8 sharing features.

This is a quick one on some of the things coming with IE11 – Seems that IE is actually getting better. I’ve forced myself to use it as my primary browser since Windows 7 SP1 (or 2) to see if the experience was really that different from using other browsers … the result …

Well in summary, the experience has been different, from simple things like managing Tabs to plugins and extensions. I must say though that since I started the browser experience in IE has advanced by leaps and bounds, to the point where I rarely need to go to the other browsers or go to Google.

Love them or hate them MS is advancing in many areas … but use what works for you and what makes you productive. Don’t be loyal to sub-standard services!


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