Ever wanted to *quickly* test some JS, CSS or HTML

I found myself wanting to very quickly test the effects of some CSS / HTML / JavaScript without having to throw up a whole new project and have it run in a web host and then debug the HTML, JavaScript or CSS in a browser debugging tool like FireBug or IE/Chrome Developer Tools … Well, it just so happens that I I just came across a way to do that using a nifty little in-browser tool called JSFIDDLE.

Check it our yourself at http://jsfiddle.net/

It’s a pretty useful in browser editor and HTML rendering tool that will "run" / render your JavaScript, CSS and HTML code and show you what your fiddles will look like. This can come in pretty handy form time to time.

So, I just thought that I’d share this. Trust me .. it can be a huge time saver!

here’s a screenshot just for the heck of it!


Happy Hacking

– Cheers

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