Build BlackBerry 10 app and make 10k in first year

Not sure how many of you caught this, but RIM is very close to releasing their modern, new, evolved, slick, <insert cool adjective here>, OS. They know that in order for their platform to be a success, they’re going to need apps … to get apps, they need developers.

RIM has decided that bet the farm on their new BB10 OS … so much so that they are guaranteeing that if you build a BB10 certified application and can hit the 1k mark on your own you’ll get to 10k one way or another. Here’s how the article starts:

RIM has announced at its BlackBerry Jam keynote address in Orlando today that it’ll be guaranteeing that developers will make at least $10,000 in sales of their BlackBerry 10 apps in the first year — if they don’t, RIM will cut a check for the difference

Click on the photo below to go to the full article.


imageBy now you guys know that Caribbean Ideas will be having a Mobile focused conference on the 25th October 2012. RIM will be there … I don’t have the specifics on what their presenter is going to deliver just yet, but, I know that RIM is going to treat you with BB10.

As an engineer, won’t you like to (almost certainly) make 10k from building an app?

Just to leave you with something to chew on … check out the infographic on the right which shows some truth about the mobile application gold rush…

See you there!


— Cheers

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