PhoneGap is coming to Trinidad for MobiWorld

imageThe Caribbean Ideas team has been hard at work planning and organizing the logistics around our MobiWorld conference. It’s shaping up to be a really awesome event for both developer and business folk. You all should know by now that I have a special place in my heart for the development community and as such, I’m very happy to announce that PhoneGap is in the house!

For those of you that may not know, PhoneGap is a very popular open source framework that allows developers to quickly build cross-platform mobile application using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. What this means is that with one core code base, your application can target all major mobile operating systems on the market today. This means that with minimal effort, you can write one application that can be deployed to iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and even Symbian, Bada and Palm’s/HP WebOS.

We’re flying a developer from PhoneGap team to give you guys hands on training on the platform.


Now, I know some of you developers out there are saying … why should I pay ~US $250 (~TT $1500) to come learn something that’s open source that I can go download and learn myself?

Listen, I’ve been on that boat, I’ve been talking about building mobile applications for a really long time. Where do you get the time to do it though? I managed to squeeze out some time this year to build out two Windows Mobile apps and those were for demos for Caribbean Ideas. I’ve had a pretty tough experience building apps for Android and still … I haven’t deployed anything to the market place …

Thing is … unless you’re in an environment that focuses on Mobile and you’re on a mobile project, it’s pretty tough to carve out the time to go build a mobile app from start to finish.

On the developer track at MobiWorld, you’re going to get … not 2, not 3 …. but 6, yes, count them … 6 hours of hard core coding time in which you’ll be building applications. I can assure you that at the end of the day, you will be walking away with an app that can be deployed to all the major phone platforms.

imageSerge Jespers from Adobe PhoneGap will be coming to Trinidad to deliver a PhoneGap Bootcamp. In this bootcamp, we’ll be learning about the platform, learning how to build interactive and performant applications as well as covering topics such as learning how to leverage the device APIs like geo-location, accelerometer, camera access, local storage and much more.

All you need to do is show up with your laptops and your coding fingers and you’ll be leaving the bootcamp session with a application! — That’s it! It’s that simple guys.

Oh BTW, it’s at the Hilton Trinidad, so we’re providing, Breakfast, finger food during the Breaks, Lunch and afternoon cocktails where to get to meet up with the other developers (Read potential partners) and the folks from the Business track (read potential business opportunity).

Check out the video below on PhoneGap

Introduction to PhoneGap


Don’t be left out of the mobile wave! See you guys there!


— Cheers!

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One comment on “PhoneGap is coming to Trinidad for MobiWorld
  1. I’ve used PhoneGap once before (on a pretty small project) and it was pretty simple to use – instructions on the site were clear and easy to follow so that in itself tells me that it’s a hugely effective tool that us developers can use to target different mobile platforms.
    I for one am pretty excited to hear what Serge has to offer because a PhoneGap official will be able to show off the huge potential of the tool and even give some great advice and tips on using it.

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