TypeScript, an Interesting JavaScript Project from Microsoft

imageYou all know that I’m a big fan of the Microsoft development technologies. Here is an interesting project coming out of the Microsoft Development Team.

As a developer that is very appreciative of statically typed languages and the benefit that that programming environment created inside of your development process, this project was particularly interesting. As Anders points out, this is not true “Static Typing” but allows the developer to state the intent of his/her code so that your coding process can be aided by tool support.

JavaScript is super popular and there’s very cool tech being implemented using JavaScript — actually, it’s pretty interesting to note that one of the primary ways that you can now do development for Windows 8 is by using HTML5 and JavaScript.

Also note that this entire project is Open Source – Way to go MS!

Have a look for yourself. I first found it via video here:


The official website, documentation, examples etc. can be found here: http://www.typescriptlang.org/

— Cheers

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2 comments on “TypeScript, an Interesting JavaScript Project from Microsoft
  1. gold account says:

    I suspect TypeScript will be adopted by developers using Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio. While it’s undoubtedly useful to others, there are sectors of the web development community who wouldn’t dream of touching a Microsoft product. Make up your own mind — there will always be “Microsoft! ARGH!! Noooo!!!” comments.

  2. yeah, there are persons already crying foul and saying that they don’t see the need … to each his own. I think it is important to note that with TypeScript, Microsoft is trying not just to be open, but also stick to the upcoming ECMA script specification.

    I really like it. I plan on using it for my own development projects.

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