CDX MobiWorld – TT Developers, invest in mobile!


Those of you that know me personally know that I have a passion for the development of the Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and its people. I’ve always been very deliberate in my choice of companies that I work and ensured that the companies that I join share this interest and passion.

As the Chief Software Architect of Caribbean Ideas I can proudly say that the development of the Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean and it’s software engineers.

I would therefore like to take the opportunity to invite the developers community of Trinidad and Tobago to our Caribbean Digital Expo that is focused on Mobile development called MobiWorld. Check out the website at:

This event is not just for developers though, but being a Software Architect I’ve got a soft spot for the devs 🙂

These are going to be the sessions on the developer day. I’d like developers to note that we’re not just going to be talking, there going to be real, practical, hands on development.



Introduction & Welcome Housekeeping, attendee welcome, commentary on the key theme, and what to expect from the day
Building A Business Case Why building a business case is important Developing and testing your hypothesis Understanding your target market Free or Fee
Building an App: What’s the Process? HTML5 or native? Requirements gathering & Project planning UI, Minimum Viable Product, Coding & Testing Deploying to Device & Managing Data Things you may not think about, but should
Coding for Mobile (3-4 hours hands-on coding) For developers who are between intermediate and experienced, this session will dive deep on tools and coding for mobile, with the target outcome being the completion of a simple app by the end of the session, and practical exposure to mobile development.
You Built an App. Now what? Marketing & Distributing your application. How to increase downloads and make money Marketing & Distribution Tools
“I built a successful App” How my app went from Idea to Reality to Success The Team Things that went well, Things that didn’t Q&A

I too was one of those developers that did the reading and research and had a desire to develop a mobile application, but some how resisted taking that step to actually develop one until earlier this year. Having taken that step I now realize that it really is not as difficult as it may seem looking on.

We designed this day to deliberately get intermediate to advanced developers that are already familiar with web development languages and tools such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and get them actually building mobile applications using a cross-platform development framework. We understand and know that there are many platforms on the market and that various persons may have different platform preferences. With the coding that takes place on that day, developers can be sure that they are going to be using a set of technology and patters that they can apply to any platform.

So I really want to encourage you developers out there to take the opportunity, come join us for the Dev Day Workshop which will be driven by an international cross-platform mobile development company and walk away with a working mobile application. The investment is totally worth it.

Hope to see you guys there.


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