Keeping Tech talent happy

I’ve been thinking about the issue of keeping tech talent happy for a couple of years now. I’ve been trying to add my various perspectives to the subject as well i.e. as a manager and as an engineer myself. I came across this article on ZDNET moments ago and thought that I’d share it. The article identifies these key areas as those that keep your tech talent happy … I must say that I agree 100+%

Stimulating technology: Keep it fresh, encourage new approaches and learning new tools to solve business and technology problems. Who wants maintenance day in and day out?

Opportunity to innovate: Your IT people are among the smartest in the bunch — put that talent to work solving problems across the enterprise, outside as well as inside IT.

Recognition and praise: Almost too obvious to include in such a list, but still lacking in many organizations. a little “thank you” goes a long way. (And, again, some would argue for financial compensation.)

Comfortable surroundings: Google seems to be the gold mine in this regard, with a campus with more fun stuff and amenities than a college campus. You don’t have to recreate DisneyWorld, but taking away the uptightness and fostering a relaxed, collegial setting will go a long way. It’s about accomplishing great things, not cracking whips to maintain some sort of status quo.

You can find the article here:

Caribbean Software Companies, Development groups, and even developers, take heed, I think we can all build great companies if we observe of some of this (and the wealth of other online) advice.


— Cheers 

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