Visual Studio 2012 RTM is out!

Hey everyone, some of you may know that Visual Studio 2012 went into RTM earlier on in August. Well today, VS2012 and Windows 8 RTM are available for download if you have an MSDN or TechNet subscriptions. 

But, for those of us (like students, hobbyists, or if you just like to experiment) who are fine downloading the Free tools, some of them are available right now:

So download it, hack away at you code. I’ll be doing another post on working with VS2012, TFS and Azure in a short time. Very productive stuff. 

I found something interesting though … and when I say it, I was all… OMG!

There is now a Team Foundation Server Express for small teams of 5 or less. This totally rocks! Many of you development companies out the software companies here in Trinidad and around the world that don’t want to or have the resources to purchase a full blown large TFS deploy can greatly from this Express version.

More to come later … Cheers.

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