Linus Torvalds talks Entrepreneurship

I was supposed to post on this a long time ago. This video is mostly famous for Linus Torvalds flipping Nokia the finger for their support or rather lack thereof of drivers and software on the Linux platform.

Either way, it’s a pretty interesting listen/watch. Always interesting to hear the “story” behind the influential people of today. You should note that  this video is an hour and four minutes (01:03:57) long. I usually listen to videos such as this while doing something else.

[Here’s my one quick comment on this video]

It would seem that Linus Torvalds seems to be a pretty controversial guy, deliberately using language that can be considered a provocative. There was a particular section of this talk that reminded me of something that I myself had done, but had since come to regret. Linus, essentially said that web & application developers were not “REAL” programmers, rather they were “Information Systems” people. I pretty much did the same thing many years ago when I spoke to the team at Teleios and about the then new programming language and platform that was C# and the .NET Framework. I have since regretted those statements and sentiment and realize that web & application development, while not the same as low level programming has since become sufficiently complex, is undeniably important and impactful in today’s world to be given the respect that it deserves, not to mention that it’s a whole lot of fun. Like I did then, I don’t think that this is the best thing to say to developers that you’re trying to inspire, but that’s my opinion, have a look at the video and see for yourself.



— Cheers

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