Windows Phone 8 Summit now on YouTube

imageOn Wednesday June 20 Microsoft Officially launched their Windows Phone 8 platform, just one day after they announced that they are entering the hardware game to produce their own tablet device call the Surface Tablet and weeks after they make some very interesting announcements related to their XBOX entertainment system at E3.

Software Developers and IT folk may also want to note that Microsoft has also recently announced a host of changes to the Windows Azure Cloud Platform at their Tech Ed Summit.

There are way too many changes to the Windows Phone 8 System for me to comment on or talk about here. For this post, I’ll just publish the actual Video of the event so that you guys can take a look at it yourself.

Note that very early on, Joe states that while there are a lot of cool new and exciting features that are happening on Windows Phone 8 in general, this presentation is meant to focus on the platform. So I guess there are more bells and whistles to come. Look out for more posts from me on this topic soon.

In the mean time, enjoy the video


— Cheers

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