Windows 8 Rocks Hard!

So I’ve been using Windows 8 for the last hour and I must say … Windows 8 is really surprising me. Of late, I’ve not really been that excited about what’s been happening around Windows 8. It’s not that I woke up one morning and stopped liking the windows platform, but recently it seems that the Market is really not letting go of the past hurts associated with the Windows brand. I’ve also personally started looking more and more onto other platforms like Linux, Android and even OSX & iOS as the platforms that would dominate the future of technology. Then … I installed Windows 8.

First impressions …

  1. OMG!
  2. Easy to install
  3. Easy to use
  4. Integrated with my online services
  5. Slick and refreshing
  6. Buttery animations
  7. Lots of Applications in the Store
  8. Desktop works as expected
  9. Performance on old hardware is fantastic
  10. Integration with Xbox 360 Rocks Hard
  11. Switching between windows are fantastic

I’m using the WordPress App Demo from the Store right now to author this post. This is a very cool experience, extremely smooth and well thought. Completely loving it so far, I must admit.

I encourage you to take windows 8 for a spin. I have the OS running directly on a ~5 year old DELL Latitude D820 and it runs like a dream.

I have another install running inside of a Virtual Machine (VirtualBox) on a clone machine in my home office and I can’t actually see a difference between this hardware install and the VM.

If you’re a techie and you’re wondering about Windows 8, I must say … it’s definitely worth a try.

— Cheers

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One comment on “Windows 8 Rocks Hard!
  1. says:

    That’s true, it works really well. But do you think it’s intuitive for non-techie users? i.e. How do you feel about Metro for day to day task as well as switching in and out of that interface?

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