Twilio doing big things. MessageCentral could have been here first …

I spent the bulk of my career working with a local Trinidad and Tobago company called Teleios Systems Ltd. I spent a lot of that time building a Messaging platform that was pretty darn awesome for a 100% locally built product. I must admit that it pains a bit when I see companies like Twilio doing some pretty great things with essentially exactly what we had envisioned MessageCentral to be years ago. I have an interesting perspective on this having been the core architect and senior engineer on that project for several years.

One lesson that I have definitely learnt after Teleios was the power and importance of marketing (and funding). To be fair, at the time, the technological and economic environment that MessageCentral (MC) “grew up” in was very different from where we are today. The “world” has changed significantly in the last 5 years. Its apparent to everyone in the industry that we’re now in another technology boom and once again, it’s cool to be a software engineer. Its much easier for products like MessageCentral and Twilio to be understood and appreciated today. In spite of all that I have said though, I do hope that Teleios can take the MC product into the future and continue to remain relevant.

To the matter at hand though, Twilio seems to be blowing up, I was actually put on to this application by a colleague that wanted my opinion on the “relevance” of what Twilio is doing since it has been getting rave reviews in various business and technical circles that she’s connected to.

These guys have taken the APIs around building SMS and Voice based applications to the next level. It doesn’t seem like their services are offered in the Caribbean region, but I’m guessing that that isn’t going to be too difficult to get there, since a fairly simple online search would lead you to a myriad of International SMS Gateway providers that are connected to the telecoms in the region.

The other killer characteristic of this platform … their prices are super affordable – 1 and 2 cents for inbound and outbound calls respectively, 1 cent for SMS distribution. That’s pretty darn cool.

You can check out the rest of their pricing here:


Service Platforms like Twilio and Teleios’ MC make it super easy to build and run applications (read promotions), execute mass distribution of SMS and even automated phone calls (last I check MC is missing this feature). The possibilities are endless, but these guys have gone much further and have really packaged the product really nicely… and they are on the cloud. I’m impressed.

App hackers, this one is a definite check out! –

Particularly interesting to developers would be the link below..


Happy Hacking!

— Cheers

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4 comments on “Twilio doing big things. MessageCentral could have been here first …
  1. dellyjm says:

    Yep, major opportunity missed I think. I’m thinking the management of your company struggled with growth vs sustain the business. Companies like Twilio probably have been financed enough so they could hire enough staff to build out software for a year or so.

  2. Ryan Shripat says:

    +1 for the importance of marketing (and financing!)

  3. @Delton, yeah man, I totally agree that it’s pretty darn difficult to self-fund while innovating and creating new things. Don’t get me wrong, Teleios did extreemely well for itself and even, I would dare say, kick-started the local SMS promotion and application market… I’ve always felt that we could have done the same in the north american and UK markets and really blown up. Finanicing int he region is an issue and we have to find creative ways around that challenge.

    I do think that in our current economic and technological environment, it’s a bit easier to do than before … or at least it was, now there is so much noise in this space, the world may have gone from “tech is risky” to “tech overload”.

    @Ryan – Definitely man … Hardcore account management is another thing that I’ve seen other companies that I’ve worked at and interfaced with after teleios really done well. Definitely areas that regional companies need to adopt.

  4. TWILIO has been introduced ten years back in the internet market.

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