Amazon Web Services totally rock – Free Virtual Machine for 1 year

imageI’ve been eyeing the “Cloud” for a long time and specifically Amazon Web Services (AWS). When this service was announced and released years ago, I longed to have  a project that I’d be allowed to really go to town with on this platform. There was talk of Microsoft and the “soon to be released” cloud service at the time and I guess being totally engrossed in the Microsoft Software stack at the time, I subconsciously thought that the development tools that I was accustomed to would not allow me to easily target the AWS world, so I never actually got around to getting my hands dirty with the platform… until now!

While I’ve only just started to explore the AWS platform, I must say, it was EXTREEMELY easy to get started with configuring and provisioning a machine. Even better, Amazon gives you full access to “micro” machines e.g. Windows 2008 Data Center Ed. 64bit, SQL Server 2008 Express, IIS7, 650MB Ram, 20Gigs Disk and similarly configured Linux machines for 1 year for free…


I was able to register, research, configure and deploy my EC2 (Amazon’s Elastic Compute) machine in under 20 minutes. I now have full access to a web service with an amazon cloud address for 1 year.

Again, Hackers… if you’re running low on $$ and need to quickly build and deploy or your just committed to the Lean Development methodology an you just want to run as lean as possible from the start but build on a platform that can scale out quickly if your app bumps up to rock-star status in quick time… Sign up for an AWS account and utilize the heck out of that puppy!

Be warned, there are a blistering array of services available from Amazon’s platform, but I this persons may be most interested initially in the Storage and their Elastic Compute (read Virtual Machine/Hosting).


Before I end this, I must say after a little signup hurdle with Windows Azure Cloud platform, the service is also pretty slick and cheap … but that’s for another post.

Happy Hacking!

— Cheers

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