Application hacking time! – You know what time it is!

imageSo another weekend is upon us and in keeping with the recent flow, I’m going to spend my night building out an HTML5 mobile application. I can’t quite talk about this one just yet, but I can share some of my “learnings”.

I feel like Neo – about to step into the Matrix to go visit the oracle.

I’m only just starting tonight, so for now, I’d just say that taking the first step and actually getting into the application development was probably the hardest. After spending all of last weekend ramping up on some of the technology, I can honestly pretty much churn out prototypes of apps in a couple of hours and as I start doing more an more, I’ll be building out assets to do a lot of other things like social integration, Geo-positioning and the like.

I don’t know what you guys are doing on this Friday night, but round these parts, it’s coding time.

At some point during the night I’ll probably switch back over to the work on the simple chat application that I’ve been working on ( and some much needed features,

— Cheers

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