The BOX API – Free storage on a tight budget?

Couple of posts ago, I wrote about finally getting my RIM development environment to work and suggested that I’d build and host a VM containing some of the tools necessary to get started with Blackberry development. Well, the VM ended up being 2.7Gb in size, which left me thinking about where the heck I was going to store that sucker?

I explored a couple of options, most of which will require me to fork out cash as users continue to download the app. Services such as Amazon and Azure charge by the “gigabyte transfered” and with the exchange rate being calculated at around TT$ 6.44 to US$ 1.00 , I’d be paying just over TT$ 1.00 for each user download. Being that this solution had absolutely no revenue model behind it, this course of action wasn’t exactly an economically sound decision.

Well, if you find yourself in a similar situation, you may be pleased to hear that the free online storage service has a pretty decent API that you can make use of to ease your storage and data transfer burden. While I haven’t yet implemented my solution fully, I read through some of the API documentation and it looks excellent. It’s straight forward and easy to use, just like any good API should be.

Don’t take my word for it check it out for yourselves. Here’s a link to the general platform, or you can go directly to the API Overview –

It’s an exciting time to be a software engineer. There are tons of free service and architectures that developers can simply leverage at little or no cost.

Happy coding.

— Cheers

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