Done! – Web “discussion” app POC completed and deployed

“Anyone can check out the app from your mobile @

Not sure how many of you saw my post last night about starting a last-minute coding session. I’ve had my head buried in mobile-dev books and other material on the web all weekend. It was a necessary step to accomplish some projects that I’m working on at the office, but last night I decided that it was time to move beyond the reading and research and just build out an idea, from start to “finish” … if only to get the habit of getting to a “done” state and into a “shipping” frame of mind.

Well, seems like I couldn’t tear myself away from the PC. I felt like I had to bring this project to its first milestone. I am pleased to be able to say that after about 7 hours of straight hacking, I was able to accomplish my goal and deliver on a POC for an app.


Don’t get me wrong, the implementation is incredibly naive, but who cares at this point? I don’t have any customers … yet.

MVP – Minimum viable product … and I’m not even sure that I have that yet, at least I’ve “shipped” my app and I can begin to gather metrics and feedback. (That reminds me, I need to add a feedback feature).

Again, Anyone can check out the app @

I suggest you check it out on your mobile, I’ve not created styles for the desktop.

Lol, I must warn you … the app is really not the best Smile it a really basic implementation, it isn’t going to scale well, it isn’t pretty and it’s got some bugs … the usual deal, but what do you want from me? lol I coded the darn thing in one straight run. In addition to which the app looks and feels very different on the real device’s browser than it does in the emulation tools.

Anyways, I hope you guys out there help me beta test this thing … and I’m not just talking about the app, I talking about the entire process.

Feel free to drop me suggestions on Twitter or Google+ or even comment on the blog, and I try to give the “Lean Development” and real run through.

My immediate next steps would be to … well, see if people are interested. If not, then there really isn’t a market, but technically it would be to improve the “new-comment retrieval process” with better web services use, instead of the  current page refresh implementation. Then people can actually start using it … I can push it to Amazon or Azure to scale.

Done is better than Perfect !!


— Cheers

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