Developing for Blackberry … I know … GASP!

Even though all indications globally show that Blackberry usage is on the decline, the fact sill remains that locally Blackberry is the smartphone of choice for mobile users in the Trinidad and Tobago market. This may be, as I’ve stated in previous posts, due to the fact that RIM seems to be the only company smart enough to have partnered with the carriers to offer subsidized devices on contract for a period of 2 years, I believe…. duhhh! As a result of the smartphone market in T&T Blackberry has some 80%+ share. I have these figures from very reliable sources.

All that to say … Blackberry devices cannot be ignored with targeting the local T&T market.

That aside, I’ve tried on several occasions to get a BB development environment up and running with little to limited success when I followed the instruction of many sites and guides online. These typically involved installing the Blackberry SDK and Eclipse Plugin from the “Help –> Install New Software” options from and existing Eclipse installation.

My process of getting it installed (windows) was this:

  1. Download and Install Java SDK 7 (w/ updates) – Download here.
  2. Download and Install Blackberry Developer Software – Download here.
  3. Download and Install Blackberry Device Simulator – Download here. (not sure if this already comes the developer software, but I installed anyway)

It took a while to download, but after it was installed, I was able to quickly build a sample and run it on the simulator.


This is by far the most painless process that I’ve had attempting to build a Blackberry application.

I’m in the process of building a Virtual Machine that would already be loaded up with all the development tools necessary to do development for Blackberry (phones) on Linux. When this is done, I’ll post a link it with you guys.

In the process of building this development environment, I found out that the BlackBerry emulators/simulators only run on windows … sucks. There is a way to run it on Linux, but you have to use the WINE. So, that part might take a while.


— Cheers.

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