The world should apologize to Microsoft … or start yelling at Google more!

imageI know that the title of this post is a bit dramatic, but I’ve been thinking about this for some time. I find it fascinating that so many people are bitterly burnt by their past experiences with Microsoft software and products, while other companies, like Google, seem to get away with poorly performing applications, broken updates and horrible software releases.

I would hear all sorts of complaints about Microsoft software and products everywhere, on the job, talking to clients, talking to friends, everywhere. As a matter of fact, not too long ago I was at a sushi restaurant with some friends, one of my colleges had a Android phone on the table. After being served, the waiter pretty much begged my friend to play with this phone, proclaimed his love for Android and practically drooled all over himself working with the device. I had at the time, been conducting an experiment, asking persons at phone stores and other persons with Android devices to have a look at the Windows Phone and give their opinion on how the WP7 stacked up. I asked the waiter, "Hey, check this out, this is a Windows Phone, you should check it out too.", the waiter didn’t even take his eyes off the Android phone (lol) and responded "Nah… I don’t like Windows, I don’t even like it that much on my computer, I dunno maybe it’s okay on the desktop but, not on my phone". At this point I thought, "Wow, Android is certainly gaining quite a bit of mind share … a negative impression of Windows still lingers …".

Here is what I don’t get though, couple of months ago, I update my ASUS TF101 with ICS many months after Google’s public release of the OS was completed. As a result of that upgrade … *deep breath*… let’s just say that my Transformer Tablet is much less usable than it used to be. What I’m absolutely amazed at, is that the community and consumers that have bought this device aren’t falling off their rockers about this. Where is the huge migration away from Google to Apple products … or even … dare I say BlackBerry, WebOS or Windows Phones? To add insult to injury IMO, Google doesn’t seem overly concerned about these occurrences. So, what is it that makes Microsoft a magnet for such strong disdain and ultimate market dismissal while Google is pardoned with barely even a second thought? Can you really dodge accountability for your products by slapping a "beta" suffix of everything that you do?

With the amount of problems that consumers have been having with viruses, broken upgrades, consistent crashes and I can go on … I am just totally baffled at the amount of good will that Google has in the minds of the general public … For me, Google is quickly loosing a lot of that good will.

So, I know that I may just get FLAMED for this post lol, but such is life, that’s how I feel.



Grrrrr … How do you guys feel about this?


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2 comments on “The world should apologize to Microsoft … or start yelling at Google more!
  1. Ryan Shripat says:

    I hear you. As a better experiment though, next time just say ‘try this phone’ instead of ‘try this Windows Phone’ and you might get better results.

    And no, nobody’s going to go back to BB. Things not THAT bad on the Android side (:

  2. Humm, that’s a great point @Ryan. This I will do. But I will say that just about everyone that I’ve demoed the phone to that actually took the time to look at it and compare with their existing phone at the very least acknowledged that the phone had good features and other really really liked the device … but that’s not the point of the post

    RE: Not that bad on the Android side … don’t count BB out just yet man … they still have some good strong points. Though … their decline would be an interesting subject to explore in a post.

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