An Apple guy switches to a Windows Phone

imageFor anyone that read’s this blog, I’m sure you all know that I use a Windows Phone. Many people cringe with they hear the word “Windows”, probably even more so at the thought of "Windows” running their phone.

I got to tell you, Windows Phone is a really solid platform, and I’ve had my HTC HD7 sine the original Windows Phone Launch in Nov 2010. After demonstrating the device, I managed to “convince” several people to get one. There are at least 8 people in my immediate circle that have Windows Phone devices.

I originally bought into the windows phone because I’m a software developer and I love and have a lot of experience doing software engineering on the .NET framework and so far, it has proven to be the “lowest cost of entry” mobile device development experience for me. Anyways … check this YouTube video where Jon Rettinger from techno buffalo talks about his switch from the iPhone to a Windows Phone.

I’m switching to a Windows Phone.

This wasn’t meant to be an adversarial post, really just to show that even though the Windows Phone devices aren’t getting my attention in the consumer market, they are actually pretty good devices, they work really well and as this post shows, you can be a apple user and have a Windows Phone.

— Cheers

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One comment on “An Apple guy switches to a Windows Phone
  1. Regardless that I’m and Android user, still I liked your post. 😉

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