Who says that Microsoft doesn’t do Open Source?

There are many things that Microsoft takes a beating for, many deserved nut also many are undeserved. One such issue involves the company’s position on Open Source. I’ve been following and using Microsoft products for a long time, and will welcome any *challenge* from anyone to code or demonstrate in any other way that my position is not unfounded and is in fact grounded in real experience. Yup! I said it! let’s throw down!

To the point of this quick post though, Scott Guthrie gives some insight into what Microsoft has done and is doing with some of their software development products and Open Source. These are products that ScottGu has direct oversight of, but there are many other Open Source initiatives happening at Microsoft.

Check out the ScottGu’s post here: http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2012/03/27/asp-net-mvc-web-api-razor-and-open-source.aspx

— Cheers

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