Firefox woops IE 9 & 10 in HTML5 compatibility – but Chrome is the king!


I’m not gonna lie to ya, since I installed Windows 7 and Microsoft upgraded their browser, I’ve been using IE9 for pretty much all my browsing when I’m on my Windows machine.

Today I was doing some research into HTML5 and it’s Geo Location APIs. I was doing this research from my Linux machine, I was very happy when I found out, using a test page on the web, that not only did the Firefox browser on Linux support HTML5 geo location, but it scored 335 of 475 total points in a “complete” test.

The thought occurred to me to put my two most used browsers up against each other in this test, not to mention, determine if IE9 supported HTML5 geo location, turns out that it does, but take a look at the IE vs Firefox score (higher is better and this is out of 475)



I really though that IE9 would have done better than this. Crying face

As it turns out, I have a couple of installations of Windows 8 running the latest version of IE.


IE10 scores a 314 – pretty good, but still behind the existing version of Firefox. Way to go Firefox. Seems though that in the browser HTML5 wars, it seems that Chrome is THE top dog.


Who’s your daddy … say it …

Just for kicks I just tested some of the other devices:

  1. HTC HD7 – 141 (runs IE9, so same score)
  2. Asus Transformer running ICS Android 4.0.3 – 252
  3. HTC Wildfire Running Android 2.2.1 – 181 (the wildfire beat IE9 – ** WTH! **)
    Props to the Open Source folks! rock on OSS! rock on …
    See for yourself at
    NOTE: All the devices I tested supported HTML5 GeoLocation … *rubs chin* – Humm, does that mean that I don’t need to write native code to build location aware apps? Well … that’s for tomorrow.

— Cheers

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