Building a location based Mobile Web App!– SUCCESS!

It took me longer than I thought, but I was able to get it done!


Just to round up. Here’s pretty much what I did:

  1. Created a rudimentary location database
  2. Statically parsed and cleaned up an excel CSV of businesses info in T&T
  3. Built an application to help import the data
  4. Imported the first set of data into the DB minus the location info
  5. Spent time cleaning up and relating location information CSV file to database
  6. Built a Web Service to serve up info from the DB given, LONG, LAT & Distance params
  7. Built a Windows Phone 7 Application to use GPS radio and make web service call
  8. Finally modified the data import app to import the location data
  9. Completed the import
  10. Added distance calculation code to the app (spoiler: it’s already built into the WP7 Libs)
  11. Tested it

There you go … couple of hours and I have the beginnings of another Windows Phone 7 App!

As usual it was joy programming in C# and using LINQ to fetch and filter data. This is by no mean a commercial ready application, but the learnings coming out of this will be useful as the development team moves towards building out applications that solve customer problems and adds value to their business.

Currently working on the Android version of this application. Will probably do a BlackBerry version of the application as well, since BB’s are the smartphone of choice in T&T, at least for now Winking smile

Till next time,

— Cheers.

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One comment on “Building a location based Mobile Web App!– SUCCESS!
  1. Great stuff!

    Get it to marketplace asap.

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