Building a location based Mobile App! – Part III (UPDATED!)

So… didn’t hit my targets last night … ended up getting a little frustrated actually … but in retrospect, it was my own fault. Classic problem focusing on the little things before getting the big ones out of the way. Here was the issues resulted in the setback – The data wasn’t gobbled. I had information on local business in one excel sheet and locations in another. The person captuing the information thoughtfully put “IDs” in both datasets so that the location info could be related to the business info.

As I wrapped up building the app to import location data into the SQL Database, I realized that the IDs were bad … I spent alot of time trying to clean that up. Even after that, I realized that a LOT of the data was missing… I pretty much aborted after that and though about chaning the app from a data location app to one that can help capture the data.

In retrospect, I it didn’t matter … I could have written the web service, and the Windows Phone application, and fill in the location information later…. which is what I’m gonna do today.

So while there was a setback … I’m gonna press through, check back in the next couple of hours.

— Cheers

UPDATE ——– 9:51am – 25/03/2012

Withing 15 mins of deciing to go another route, the Web Service is nearly complete. I’m just waiting on a simple algorith from my coding wing-man so that we can build a query to find the business that are NEAR our location so that we do not need an exact GPS location to find useful information.

Watched the move The Great Debaters this morning, and now I feel inspired … Non nobis solum! (Not for ourselves alone).

 Will keep the updates coming.

— Cheers


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