Building a location based Mobile App!

Okay, so we’re doing it “Social Network” style this evening.

We’re about to dive into building a mobile application that makes us of the GPS radio and a Web Service that I’ll build to feed information of local business in your location to your mobile.

I’ve got the data so – the steps are:

  1. Migrate Data into SQL database
  2. Create a Web Service that Access the DB data
  3. Push the web service to my local Home Server
  4. Build Mobile Apps!
    Current target platforms are Android and Windows Mobile:
    I’ve already built a simple prototype to access the GPS Radio on the windows phone. It took like 5 minutes, it’s super simple. Calling the web service shouldn’t prove to be to hard either … the Android platform is where we lack the development experience.
      Here’s a really quick look at the GPS code for Windows Phone … Just this once =)


        I’ll be blogging about the progress of the application as we tear through it. Two programmers, Checklist music! (local rock band),
        Let’s see how far I can get to tonight … Game on!


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      2 comments on “Building a location based Mobile App!
      1. I’m interesting about mobile app and i did to deployment on mobile application in VietNam Market and I hope that I looking for clients and partner in the world and sharing revenue about our mobile application.


      2. Avril says:

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