How do you use your Social Networks?



A moment ago, I thought about how I personally make use of the social networks that I’m connected to and thought that it would be interesting to find out how others make use of theirs … here’s my breakdown:

Network How I use it
Facebook Friends and Family. I post personal stuff here almost exclusively.
Google+ Much wider network of people – pretty much open to anyone. I post my interests
Pinterest Signed up for it, but haven’t really used the thing that much … not that I don’t want to, but the others already suck so much of my time … plan to start using it. I’ll probably be using it like Google+.
Twitter Pretty much public. I post primarily technical stuff on software engineering, business articles and link, technical article links, etc. I seldom use twitter for personal posts.
Tumblr Checked it out … but just seemed as like another twitter … didn’t really feel the whole secret society bit.
Quora Signed up, never really got into it


Check out the infographic on how the world uses Social networks here:


Those are just the ones that I know of that I think are still relevant.

How do you use you social networks?


Till next time Cheers!

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