codename: ‘Windows 8’

Microsoft recently took the covers off their Windows 8 Operating System at the All Things Digital D9 conference. Here is a fairly comprehensive video covering what Microsoft has chosen to make public thus far (this one if form Computex).

Mike Angiulo doing a demo of ‘Windows 8’ to hardware partners

– Cheers

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2 comments on “codename: ‘Windows 8’
  1. Marcus Sanatan says:

    Despite my relentless Linux support, I admit that this may be the best OS released as it is launched…

    I give my respects.


    • =) I hope you don’t come away with the impression that I am somehow personally rewarded when people like / use Microsoft tools. I’m happy that other people recognize the work that MS does in fact do with at least some of their products. If you don’t mind me asking thought, what about the OS that you’ve seen was impressive to you?

      BTW, I still have mad respect for Linux and desktop experiences that they have been able to create for years now, pitty we don’t have the wide usage of Linux as we do the other operating systems that would help drive innovation forward even more on that end.

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