Nokia & Microsoft pair up on Mobile Strategy

I have been paying attention to what Microsoft has been doing with their mobile strategy since I came across Bill Gates’ vision for a mobile world in his book “Business at the speed of thought”. Certainly the concepts that MS has been touching on since the PDA days, to their failed smartphone push (even the recently failed KIN mobile attempt which by the way other companies (1, 2) are attempting to do now) and their failed attempts to bring tablet PCs to the consumer market, they have been way ahead of their time, at least in concept. It is clear however, that they have never truly been able to capture the consumer market with their Xbox hardware and Xbox Live services probably being the only exception.

To be honest with you, I have been a bit worried lately that their Windows Phone 7 push would get totally trampled by the current stampede of the masses (i.e. consumers and hardware and software manufacturers) towards the iPhone and more so the Android operating systems and products. I mean WP7 is great, but man, it has a ways to go to catch up with the Android and iPhone in terms of what those devices combined with the applications and services and the integration of those apps and services into their devices has to offer.

But back to Nokia & Microsoft… I was intrigued by the discussion around the topic, but … I really must say, I thought for sure Nokia was going to go the Android route as it would allow them to really do “whatever” they wanted to the OS to continue to keep it distinctly “Nokia” while maintaining compatibility with the rest of the Android ecosystem and piggybacking off of the groundswell of support for Android operating system, applications and devices.

Curiouser and Curiouser …

This year is turning out of be a really interesting one for the technology and communication industries. I do however think that it is a brilliant move by Microsoft to capture the Eastern market where “Symbian + Nokia” are the dominant names, now if they could only bring it home with a really solid road map. I will definitely be keeping my eyes on this partnership.

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2 comments on “Nokia & Microsoft pair up on Mobile Strategy
  1. The ZDNet Article on this is quite interesting… here is an excerpt:

    “The game has changed from a war of devices to a war of ecosystems,” said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop at his press conference. “We have an opportunity to disrupt the trajectory in the mobile ecosystem. Together we will deliver great mobile products.”

  2. I can’t help but wonder what this means for developing regions with smaller carriers (and markets like ours here in Trinidad) that may already have relationships with handset manufactures like Nokia? Will be begin to see this partnership leading to the development of Smartphone ecosystems in economies like ours? Humm… wouldn’t that be something? …

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