Forsooth! I have decided to blog!

While this is a temporary measure before I get my own website up and running, I do believe that it would be beneficial to get into the habit of blogging on a regular basis.

Transitioning to yet another career opportunity and sitting back and looking at the sheer number of devices and online services with which I interact on a daily basis has caused me to think about how I can bring order to my “digital world”. We have Email, Contacts, Calendars, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS feeds that we follow, Google Buzz just to mention a few.

I have decided to be a whole lot more deliberate about how I make use of the the technology services and gadgets that I consume on a regular basis and very objectives how it affects what is really important… my life.

Look out for a lot more posts on thoughts, research findings, questions and polls etc. I hope to see comments from readers as we have interesting discussion around various topics concerning our field and other interesting topics 🙂

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