Moved the blog

Hey everyone. It’s been quite a while since I blog last, but I am gearing up to restart the blogging push.

I’ve migrated my blog to my own host at

Look out for new posts, thought, shares etc.



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Great Tech Interviews on DRT

In an attempt to start blogging more —

My buddy Krs Joseph (@nerdtt), shared this resource with me. I found that this site has some really awesome technical interviews.




My new mantra — “Stop Stickin’, Ship it!”

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Great JS Charting Library

Sharing some great finds. Was working on a couple of projects that needed some great support in the interactive charting department … wasn’t easy to find something that was of really high quality, very functional and inexpensive.

Check out the following library from AMCHARTS:




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IT – The real Story – by Frank Seyon

Missed this article — seems that it was even written while I was at Medullan, a compny in which Frank Seyon has interest. When I read this … there were so much things in here that I’ve been saying to my friends for a long time … didn’t realize that it wasn’t just me saying it: Have a read – tell me what you think,164679.html

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Joel Spolksy @ Startup School 2012

Haven’t written a blog post in forever. Was really inspired when I checked out a local blogger’s blog (shout out to TechTT (twitter @tech_tt) and saw the consistency of his posts. Was also pretty jealous that he installed and blogged about Windows 10 before I did 🙂

So, even though it’s not really a big well thought out post, I think its valuable to share stuff like this when you find it.

Joel Spolksy was someone that I admired for a long time. Found this presentation by him very interesting.

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Facebook F8 Developer Conference

Like it or not, Facebook is one of the major/integral platforms of the web as we know it today. I’m a bit late on this, but the F8 conference is something that all developers should pay attention to.

Here is keynote 1 from the 2014 Developer conference.



Tons of good food for thought and really great information to help you make decisions on not just what apps you build in the future but how you go about building those apps.



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But first let me take a selfie .COM


Every weekend I spend some time working on some personal projects. Yesterday, I grabbed a couple of domains and

Just did it on a whim and today, we decided to build a simple application on the domain, The application pulls latest Instagram photos tagged with “SELFIE” … we’re looking at adding some extra interesting capabilities to the app.

I must admit … it’s been quite fun looking at the selfies coming in as we’re building and debugging the application! This thing is blowing up all over the world right now…

Check it out for yourself.


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